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What is Life Expectancy, and what does it mean to me?

Your life expectancy is how long you are expected to live based on your health history and lifestyle. The calculator on this website is based on the law of large numbers. It takes into consideration more than 20 different data points and, based on historical metrics, presents an estimated life expectancy. As you age, your life expectancy may increase as you survive certain childhood, adolescent, and early adult issues. Today, the world average life expectancy at birth is around 68 years, and the oldest recorded age is 122.

How does this website work?

The calculator asks you some simple questions relating to your health, lifestyle, and family history. Based on your responses, you will be presented with your life expectancy and some ways you can increase your life expectancy.

  • Personalized feedback for each of your answers.

  • A Personalized "To-Do" list for you and your physician.

  • A list of things you can do differently and how many years you will add if you do so.

Thank you for providing this useful information. At some point it's important to take a look at one's lifestyle and make changes in order to extend one's mortality. I had no idea that based on my lifestyle I'm limiting my life expectancy by 10 years. It's a good tool for motivation to stop smoking, eat better and exercise more!